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Swipe through this slideshow to see an abbreviated history of Allendale Baptist Church. For more detail of our story, read the article below. It is a testament to God's goodness, grace, and providence!

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Learn how God is has worked his greatness through this church.

Allendale Baptist was first formed in 1986. Since then, it has shut down and restarted several times. It is a church that has experienced many highs and lows. But all along the way, God was working among His people.

In 1987, Allendale Baptist was able to purchase a beautiful piece of property on Lake Michigan drive.

However, in the 90s, they fell on hard times and were forced to close their doors. They legally deeded the property over to the Michigan Association of Regular Baptists (MARBC) as a donation to the ministry.

In the early 2000s, the church had reopened and met at a local ice cream shop. However, they underwent difficult times again and attendance dropped to 14 people. Desperate, they contacted a church revitalizing ministry.

In 2003, Pastor Bob Searles agreed to assist in the revitalization of Allendale Baptist Church over a 5-year period. One of his conditions was that Allendale Baptist would find another local church that would partner in the process of regrowth. He was also able to renegotiate with the MARBC and received the property back from the ministry.

First Baptist Church of Zeeland agreed to assist in revitalizing Allendale Baptist and, in 2004, ABC shut their doors again. This time, the shutdown was temporary while the leadership was able to be discipled to and trained to do the work of the ministry.

In 2006, Allendale Baptist Church relaunched and began meeting in Evergreen Elementary School. Many members of  Zeeland Baptist Church agreed to a one-year commitment to attend Allendale while they embarked on this step of their journey.

Pastor Bob Searles eventually retired from head pastorship. In 2009, Allendale Baptist Church hired Pastor Johnathan DeCou. The church moved from the elementary school into the banquet wing of the Matthysse, Kuiper, DeGraaf Funeral Home.

In 2013, Pastor DeCou left Allendale Baptist and Pastor Charles Alber preached in the interim while the congregation searched for a new leader.
On March 1, 2014 the congregation called Pastor Mark Green and his wife Angie to serve at Allendale Baptist Church. Also during this year, the membership expanded and grew into the chapel wing of the MKD Funeral Home.

This year, also, was the beginning of the dream to build a building on the property that had sat on Lake Michigan Drive since 1987. Mr. George Meyer, a longtime member, passed away. He willed $390,000 to Allendale Baptist and this became the first donation to the building fund.
With the dream now of eventually moving into their own church building and with increasing membership, Allendale Baptist moved into Allendale Christian School in 2015. This year, the church also formed a Building Committee to begin serious discussion of constructing on the property.

In 2019, the committee began the Rise Up and Build Campaign to begin collecting funds for the project. The original goal was to raise $1.37 million.

However in 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic began and dreams for building stalled as prices of construction skyrocketed. For two years of questioning and praying, God eventually showed his providence through the people of the church and the surrounding community.

During the pandemic, Allendale Baptist was unable to meet at the Christian School and for a short time met virtually while the illness was contained and the leadership searched for a new meeting place. The church was graciously invited to use the facilities of Lighthouse Community Church while the search for a meeting place continued.

The leadership eventually found Love In The Name of Christ, a local ministry with a small building in Allendale. The church was able to meet in the gymnasium during the rest of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In 2022, after over 40 years of waiting, Allendale Baptist was able to begin construction of the building. With changing prices, the congregation of approximately 200 people were able to raise $3.87 million and only ended up with a mortgage of $350,000!

On December 11, 2022 Pastor Mark preached from the pulpit of the completed building for the first time. There were many tears of joy shed that day.

Allendale Baptist Church continues to meet in its building on Lake Michigan Drive and the congregation continually celebrates God’s greatness and his steadfastness in the long journey to this place.

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