The Undeniable, Irreplaceable Need for Godly Mothers

Pastor Mark Green

Regardless of your situation, if nothing else, your mother brought you into this world, and for that, we give her thanks! And of course, we thank our mothers for the countless hours they spent teaching us the things that we easily take for granted.

In the letter written to Titus, Paul challenges the people of the island of Crete to live lives that accurately reflect the righteousness of Christ. In chapter two, Paul gets right down to business when he challenges the older men and women and the younger men and women on how they are to live their lives in Christ.

00:00 Introduction

10:02 Main Idea

10:45 Moms - act like Jesus

28:29 Moms - train like Jesus

40:53 Moms - live lives that reflect the words of Jesus

46:05 Conclusion