Multiplying Disciples!

Mar 10, 2024    Pastor Larry Salisbury

Pastor Larry Salisbury preaches from Matthew 28:18-20 This final message will bring us full circle, reinforcing the importance of our interconnectedness in Christ and empowering us to actively participation fulfilling the Great Commission.

Reflection Questions:

What are some highlights that you remember from the message?

What did we learn about God from these texts or Sunday’s message?

What did we learn about how connection groups can impact outreach? 

How can we as a ABC or we as a connection group improve in the area of making disciples, or reaching the lost in our community?

How would God like to see us make steps of improvement in this area?

What beginning steps can you take, or we as a group take, to make plans for outreach individually, or as a group?

Summarize (in one sentence) one thing that you have learned; then how would God want you to respond in obedience?

This coming week who would benefit from you sharing this truth or desire and who will you share it with? When?