Unshakeable Worship During Shaky Times

Feb 11, 2024    Pastor Mark Green

Worship, thankfulness, gratefulness, and praise come easy when life is easy. When the pressure is off, the praise easily flows. But what about when life gets challenging? What about when the wheels fall off, and you are unsure where to turn or what to do?

Reflection Questions

1. What did we learn about God from the text or Sunday’s message?

2. What did we learn about true worshipers from the text or Sunday’s message?

3. What can you do to improve in the area of worship during difficult time?

4. What does God desire from us at ABC, or you personally as a worshiper?

5. If you or we as a church were to practically apply what we learned from this passage or message, what would that look like? What changes will we or you make this week? 6. Summarize what you learned in one sentence, and how does God want you to respond in obedience?

7. This week, who would benefit from this truth, and who will you share it with?