Session 4: Specific Requests | Grow Conference 2023

Oct 22, 2023    Pastor Sam Polson

In the fourth session of the Grow Conference, led by Pastor Sam Polson, we embark on a journey into the heart of prayer with a focus on "Specific Requests." Drawing from the teachings of Matthew 7:7-12, Pastor Polson emphasizes the significance of recognizing the character of God. By seeking His face and understanding His nature, we find the courage to present our petitions confidently. As we delve into this session, we'll discover how to approach prayer with clarity and intention, deepening our connection with God and finding fulfillment in His responses to our specific requests.

The Grow Conference is an annual conference hosted by Allendale Baptist Church. With each year, we zone in on a specific facet of Christian living, igniting the flames of growth in the Christian journey.

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