Our Top 10 New Blog Posts from 2019 (Christian Resources)

ABC Voices

The ABC Voices blog team is comprised of members from Allendale Baptist Church (most of which aren't pastors).

It is our goal to communicate biblical truth with practical applications through excellent blog posts.

This year the ABC Voices blog team wrote 34 new blog posts!

While we thought all of them were pretty good, these 10 were the most popular this year:


10) 10 God-Honoring Ways to Transform Your Life in 2019

We kicked off the year with this post and it would be a great post to read at the beginning of 2020 or any year!


9) Married with Kids: 4 Tips to Keep Your Marriage First

(Written by a mom of 4 children)


8) How to Deal with Doubts about Your Faith

Do you have doubts? Know someone that does? You don't want to miss the application in this blog post.


7) Don't Squander Your Spiritual Gifts

Sometimes we spend so much debating about controversial spiritual gifts that we miss the point of them altogether.

So what does the Bible say about spiritual gifts?

Spoiler: (they are really important!)


6) God Wants You to Deny Your "True Self"

From famous authors like Rachel Hollis to Christian Women's Inspirational Instagram, you will hear phrases like "Don't let anyone get in the way of being your true self."

But what does God think about that?


5) 6 Undeniable Ways Jesus Changed The World for The Better

Whether a person is religious or not, no one can deny the impact Jesus has had on the world.


4) 6 Reasons Every Christian Should Study Apologetics

"Apologetics" is an often misunderstood term.

It is our opinions that apologetics is an essential (and biblical) tool the church needs more than ever.


3) Comfort After Miscarriage [8 Bible Verses]

1 in 4 pregnancies end in a miscarriage.

This can be a devastating experience.


2) Christians: STOP Doing These [15] Things on Social Media

The Bible has a lot to say about our speech and the words we say.

People are communicating more than ever on social media, so Christians must think about how to honor God with their words online.


1) Why You Should Go to Church [28 Biblical Reasons]

Most people have heard someone say "I love Jesus, but not the church".

But what does Jesus think about the church?

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