Equipping Classes

Learn and Grow at Allendale Baptist Church

Equipping Classes

Equipping classes are even more than normal Sunday School or Bible studies. They are studies rich in Biblical content, but with a strong emphasis on application.

We offer equipping classes on Sundays before the worship service.

The classes currently run from 9:30-10:30 and the topics rotate on a quarterly basis. Anyone is welcome to join a class at any time.

Current Equipping Classes

Here are our current equipping classes:

Pastor Tim will be teaching a class called "Prayer". This class covers the incredible reality of Biblical prayer and should help believers young and old become more excited about the gift of prayer.

One of our Elders Dave VanEnk will be teaching a class on The book of Acts. The class goes through the book verse by verse and looks at the incredible work of the Holy Spirit in the early church.